April 18, 2017


Take a moment to live your moment

When our lovely Zoey who does our graphic design told me that April was Stress Awareness Month and that we should highlight it on our social media I can remember thinking… ‘brilliant… something else that needs doing’. It will come as no surprise that the result of that very negative thought created a negative connotation to something that if approached correctly would have provided me a moment to stop and just reflect, to check myself and then carry on knowing that the universe was simply sending me a message to choose, be present and to breathe.

Throw a penny in any direction and you’ll find a Guru, a Life Coach or someone with a fancy title telling you to drink a tea, meditate quietly for 20 minutes (good luck with that…) squeeze a specific point between your big and middle toe or dance by the light of the moon on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Let’s safely assume that if life came with a manual of simple steps for a stress free life the majority of the human race would be living a completely zen existence.

Life is about the small wins, the small moments that we choose to nurture and grow. This rollercoaster called life doesn’t come with a guarantee that it’s going to be easy, good or even fair. There is a guarantee however that if we approach situations with an open mind we will grow. I can remember watching a butterfly emerging from a cocoon as a child and being worried about her because it seemed such a struggle. Metamorphosis can be quite uncomfortable and stressful but crossing that threshold rewards us with moments of clarity and in some cases joy.

Don’t for a moment think this is an invitation to run towards all situations stressful! What I’m suggesting for the month of April is choose what your small wins are going to be. If something feels uncomfortable ask yourself if it presents an opportunity to grow. If it does, take a moment, breathe, trust in yourself and push through, if it doesn’t… get the hell out of there.

For the month of April pick your moments, live your moments, overcome and grow, and reward yourself. Fill your life with moments where you feed your senses, laugh out loud, have quality time, tell people that they matter, do something nice for someone without them even knowing about it. These are the moments that not only count but also dispel the effects of life’s stressors.

My 3 De-Stressing Products:

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Wishing you all the best of luck! Love Team Skin3.

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March 15, 2017


#NOMOREHIDING – a story of confidence re-born - Sarah's Story


"At the age of 15, I was like any other teenager, going to school, socialising with friends, the usual, with my looks being a big priority. The majority of my teenage years were tormented by one little detail; my skin. I was part of the teenage statistics for acne, and although roughly 90% of teenagers will suffer with acne at some stage, to me that statistic was 1%. That 1% was me. Of course I wasn’t the only one to suffer with acne breakouts, but in my small world, I was alone.

As I got older I went through times where the breakouts were worse than others, and was absolutely fed up of hearing from doctors, dermatologists, or anyone who wanted to offer their opinion on the condition of my skin. The endless list of medicated creams, antibiotics, contraceptive pills, home remedies, old wives’ tales, herbal potions, and hearsay cures that I encountered was unbelievable. At one point as a last resort I even considered Roaccutane, but judging from the side effects it wasn’t for me. I cried, I joked about it, and then I cried some more.

The volume of concealers and foundations I went through to feel as normal as possible would today break the bank, but that was all I could do. In my head, I thought it would never come to an end, until one day it did.

From the age of 18 to 22, I was acne and spot free. Four years of clear skin went by, and I thought to myself I will never have to deal with bad skin again.

Two words; Adult acne. I was 22, going on 23, and it all started to fall apart. The acne was back, and with a vengeance. In the space of six months my skin became unrecognisable. These breakouts weren’t just spots but cysts, they didn’t just sting, and they caused me enormous amounts of pain. Everything I experienced as a teenager became so familiar again, the feelings, the hiding, the concealing, the only plus side to its return, was that I was now an adult, and saw myself better equipped emotionally to deal with it.

Sarah Kelly I was so wrong. My lowest point dealing with acne happened when I was at the end of my tether. I had just moved to London, sat at bank tube station on the platform, heading home for the evening, with my acne the worst it’s ever been, when something in me would not let me step on to the tube when it arrived at the platform. I took a seat on the bench and watched tube after tube go by. I could not bring myself to get on a tube with all these bright lights, over crowded with people, and that feeling that somebody was staring at me. What were they thinking? Eventually I had no choice but face the crowds, the sooner I got on the train the sooner I was home in my own comforts. International Institute for anti-ageing completely changed everything. Had I found something that would cure my skin for good?

The thing that affected me the most apart from my confidence and mental state, was the fact that nobody was there for me. I had all these experts giving me products and advice, but not one of them stayed with me, coached me through, or supported me, simply because my skin wasn’t a priority to them, they didn’t have to deal with it day in, day out. That was all I needed. 

Since I started my Journey with Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ, and Jane Iredale, I have had someone by my side every step of the way. Monitoring my progress, and if there was a hiccup, to alter my products to enable me to achieve the results. If I was having a bad ‘skin day’ there was always someone on hand I could vent to, and each time the response I would get would be positive, it was all part of my journey.

Sarah KellyA, C & E Oil was the beginning step for me, until I was introduced to hydrating lotion and Skin Accumax. It wasn’t long before Skin Omegas and my weekly cool peel treatments were introduced. After one month, I was blown away, my skin had completely transformed into something I hadn’t seen in a long time. Two and a half months went by and every morning I looked in the mirror I noticed a difference, granted minute, but a long way from where I came from a few months previous. Until one day I noticed breakouts started appearing. I didn’t sweat it, my routine quickly shifted from Derma-Lac Lotion, and stepped up to AVST 5. A week later my skin calmed down and I was back on track. I am almost 4 months into my skincare journey, and it’s not just me that’s noticing the difference, my friends, my family, even clients who didn’t realise I had acne 4 months previous. The day I was able to touch my cheek without feeling any pain was a big day for me, it’s something you completely take for granted. I will never take it for granted again.

To say that my confidence has improved is an understatement, don’t get me wrong I still have my moments just like anybody else, but these ‘moments’ are becoming few and far between. I can now look in the mirror, and finally recognise the woman staring back at me. No more hiding."

Sarah’s Skin3 skincare journey included: 

Treatment Plan

Phase 1: A course of 6 Cool Peel Treatments£275
Usually priced at £55. When purchased as a course of 6 client benefits from a saving of £55

Phase 2: Follow up Active Vitamin Treatment £79

Home Care Plan

Phase 1: First 14 Weeks

Feed: Skin Accumax – 4 tablets per day
Fortify: Sebuwash used to cleanse skin twice a day
A,C & E Oil applied twice a day
Finish: Disappear Light
Glow Time BB6
Pure Pressed Warm Sienna

Phase 2: After 14 Weeks

Feed: Skin Accumax – 2 tablets per day
Probiotics – Taken twice a day
Fortify: Sebuwash – Used to cleanse twice per day
AVST 5 – 2 pumps applied twice per day
LACM Home Peel Kit - used as per therapist recommendation
Finish:Disappear Light
Glow Time BB6
Pure Pressed Warm Sienna

March 14, 2017


Love from the inside out

Your body is a constant companion through life and it tells your story. This month we focus on being kind to our bodies, as a living organ your skin tells your bodies story. When we hear clients tell us that their skins are dry, irritated or that they suffer with constant break outs, invariably diet will become part of the dialog.

ProbioticsProbiotics help maintain skin’s health, clarity, resilience, and suppleness

Our bodies are essentially colonies, and as we are all too aware in this current climate, it’s essential for good relations between countries, departments and even people to have a positive outcome. Our colonies rely on a positive outcome based on the resources we give it, and what we give it will directly influence our minds, hormones, digestive health in a positive or negative way which works toward the appearance of our skin.

Buy Probiotics through Skin3 for only £16.75

Now here’s the curve ball, your colony requires a balance of bacteria to as an integral part of your skin health both inside and out. This won’t be an entirely new concept to our Skin3 Journey Adventurers. We’ve already established that we need an optimal pH balance on the skin, and that requires an acidic bacterium which works towards that homeostasis on a daily basis. All you’ll be doing is taking that concept to the next level by focusing on your gut as well in the form of Probiotics. 

The importance of consuming probiotic supplements and probiotic-rich fermented foods - like raw sauerkraut will help maintain a thriving gut microbiome, balance yeast and more efficiently digest food.

Strengthen your skin’s barrier

Probiotics help maintain skin’s health, clarity, resilience, and suppleness. Probiotics also help strengthen the skin’s barrier and offer protection from inflammation-causing allergens and environmental stressors.

Why is this relevant? 

Elevated levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) can increase skin’s oil production, often leading to breakouts. On the flip side, stress may also cause skin to become drier. Fortunately, oral probiotics can come to the rescue and boost skin’s defences. Even extreme dryness such as dermatitis may find relief from probiotic treatment.

For this month go forth and colonise your gut. If it’s happier, odds are you will be too.

March 06, 2017


Make-up tips from the expert

Tips from the expert

jane iredale Make-up expert Anushka shares hints and tips on how to create beautiful looks using the new Spring Colour Collection.

EleiseStep 1 – Prep your skin with Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener and follow with GlowTime Full Coverage BB Cream to even out your complexion. Finish your base with a light dusting of our PurePressed Mineral Foundation and D20 Hydration Spray to complete your base for a flawless finish.

Step 2 – Eyes, begin with Peach Silk EYE SHERE® LIQUID EYE SHADOW to prime the eyelids and enhance the pigment and longevity of your eyeshadow. Using our brand new PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Pink Quartz, blending the darkest shade onto the inner and outer corner of the eyelid taking it up into the crease leaving the centre free, then press the medium shade onto the middle of your eyelid to brighten. Use your lightest shade to highlight both the brow bone and tear duct and finish your look by lining the upper and lower lash line with our Dark Topaz Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner using the brush attached to smudge the lower lash line for a smokey finish.

Step 3 – Swirl your White Fan Brush across all four shades of Peaches & Cream Bronzer Refill and sweep this up along your cheekbones, the contrasting shades will easily create a natural glow.

Step 4 – Line your lips with Rose Lip Pencil and complete with Susan PureMoist Lipstick to compliment this #InTheGlow Spring Time look.

January 19, 2017


Detox? How’s that working for you….

Detox Month

It’s the 3rd week of January. No doubt your year started with the best of intentions, there will be  some of us though, who have already veered off the road and are now sitting in a bypass of self-deprecation and remorse.

Truth be told, I hate Detox month! Yes I’ve said it! I think it suggests that after a month of denial, headaches and in some cases hunger, your life will transformed into something that looks like a magazine cover….. Good luck with that.

I suggest that we all stop, take a deep breath and get back on track choosing a path with realistic goal posts. Let’s simply start by making better daily choices. Maybe even a handful that will provide a full year of overall satisfaction and longevity, instead of a quick fix which we know won’t get us where we’d like to be.

Feed your mind, body and soul.

Undertake a quick daily inventory at the end of the day. Do it in the shower, whilst cooking dinner or even whilst folding away laundry. We aren’t going to get everything right all the time, but what we can do is make a mental note of things we did during the day, decide that we did them well or make a decision to take a different approach to achieve a better outcome next time.

Lay a foundation for good general health this year with Vitamin A. It’s a must for good skin health but it also has a plethora of other benefits. Enhance your year with good immunity, healthy cell division and re-growth

Nourish your body with goodness. Moderation and positive manageable changes will make all the difference. If you are particularly stressed, supplement your diet with Omega 3, if your joints hurt during exercise take Glucosamine Plus and if you’re making positive changes to your diet take Glutamine to condition your gut.

Fortify your specific needs to ensure a positive outcome.

Have a look at your skin and body care routines. Declutter all the bottles and promises in jars that you actually know won’t do the trick. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to use your body brush twice a day if your schedule doesn’t allow for it. Allow yourself freedom from self-imposed guilt about routines that don’t happen in other bathrooms at 5:30 in the morning because they just aren’t realistic! Decide what you’d like to achieve from your skin & body care routine this year and stick to it. Speak to your Skincare Therapist and put steps into place, she knows your skin and will help you achieve your goals. Most importantly remember that you’re a limited edition. Don’t compare yourself to others, you’ll be happier that way.

Finish with positive consciousness.

Leaping BunnyStart each day with a positive affirmation. Especially on the days when you’d really rather not, you’ll find that you may need it the most then. Enhance your best features with the kindest makeup. When choosing your skincare and makeup brands also make conscious decision to give back, don’t use anything that would be cruel to your skin or any other living being.

2017 isn’t just about getting it all right, it’s more than that. Work on getting it right for you. Celebrate your individuality, make better choices, make challenges realistic and stick to them. I think the best way to Detox is to live your truth, it’s a lifestyle not just a month. 

Good Luck.

November 03, 2016


#100DayReset by Sophie Milner


Fashion and lifestyle bloggers seem to have a reputation that precedes them. It’s one of being glossy, polished with perfect skin and flawless complexions. Now I can categorically state that this isn’t always the case. Sure, some of us do have flawless skin that have come from regimented skincare routines that we swear by, but I’ve never been one of these girls to fit in that category.

The truth is, I’ve always been lazy when it comes to skincare. Ageing is something that’ll *surely* never happen, protection from pollutants has to be virtually impossible and pointless in such a smoggy town such as London, and SPF is what you wear only when you jet off to some long haul destination with perennial sunshine. It didn’t matter what I put on my face in terms of make-up - popular brands made from harmful chemicals - so long as the exterior looked great. But proof that all good things most certainly come to an end at some point, as I stopped taking the birth control pill I was put on 8 years ago to control teenage acne, the bad breakouts, congestion, and dry skin came back with a vengeance.

Whilst I was taking the pill, my skin was invincible. I’d go to sleep with my make-up on, only ever use face wipes (the horror!) to remove make-up and cleanse, rarely moisturise, pick my skin, etc etc. I’ve written openly about my skincare sins in the past, but cut to one year later, and my skin has become as bad as ever thanks to a mash up of problematic skin, hormones, and sheer laziness. I needed a solution.

There was one problem: I hadn’t got a clue about where to start. The beauty industry is incredibly oversaturated with so many ‘miracle’ products claiming to cleanse, clean, purify you to your upmost level of personal perfection. But in order to reform my ways, I’m working with the iiaa (International Institute for Anti-Ageing) in the #100DayReset challenge to work towards getting naturally flawless skin by using a tailored programme of their three brands, Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ, and jane iredale - a long with weekly facial treatments.

Day 1 started at Skin3 having my initial skin analysis, where my face was scanned with ultra-hi-tech equipment to assess the condition of the skin below the surface. After, I was treated with the Environ Active Vitamin Facial, where Vitamins A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using state of the art technology. I left with skin looking glossier, more hydrated, and fresher than ever before. As part of continuing with the #100DayReset, I’ll be having weekly Cool Peel treatments too.
Working with the Feed, Fortify, Finish™ philosophy, I was kitted out with a tailored product plan to help me in the challenge. I was set up with Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Accumax supplements, which were formulated for problematic skin such as mine. The next step was Environ products:

  • Pre-cleansing oil (to remove makeup at the end of the day)
  • Sebuwash cleanser
  • AVST Moisturising Toner
  • Colostrum Gel
  • AVST1 Moisturiser
  • RAD Antioxidant SPF

And finally, jane iredale Glow Time BB cream Pure Pressed Base Mineral Powder
These products are expected to change throughout as my skin adapts, developing new and different needs and this starts my journey to getting flawless skin. Follow my journey through the #100DayReset over on my blog www.fashionslave.co.uk and my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/fashionslavecouk.

Instagram: @sophiemilner_fs
Twitter: @sophiemilner_fs

October 13, 2016

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The Shine Night Walk Marathon - In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness

This year I decided that I wanted to join the ranks of those brave souls who have trudged the roads of London by night in aid of something important.  When I told my team at Skin3 that I was undertaking the Shine Night Walk Marathon in aid of Breast Cancer I pretended not to notice the looks of horror and shock. I might have even heard grumblings about who was going to have to contend with my feet afterwards.

Nevertheless I was a determined woman on a mission. After 4 months of idyllic country walking and a climb up Mount Snowdon I felt ready to undertake 26 long miles. I packed my purpose, bought a mini rucksack with items that weren’t entirely unknown to me… I’ve always known that you can buy spray on plaster and that you need to carry Vaseline in case of chaffing!!!

At 4am we stopped for a bit to grab a tea, change socks and start the arduous task of plastering up blistered toes. 7 hours in, you can imagine, the conversation had somewhat reverted from bubbly banter to conversation stripped of all adjectives... I’d go as far to say we’d got to the bullet point phase of communique. In retrospect I am my mothers child, Layton-McCann women aren’t designed for extreme sport, and yes having completed the marathon I would describe it as just that... extreme. I pulled out my travel mirror and I swear I actually heard someone chuckle, let me tell you though the reflection in the mirror was in dire need of a ‘freshen up’! Out came my Pure Pressed Powder and my Spritz, my friend Clare laughed out loud but then happily berated me for not applying it with the right brush. And yes,  I applied my signature Soft Peach Lip Gloss for good measure as well. As they say go big or go home!

Even though I tend to be evangelical about our products, I know that powder and lip gloss weren’t the reason why I finished the Shine Walk. I’d put that down to comradery, improved fitness, sponsorship and wanting to contribute in some way. What I do know is how we care for ourselves, as women have a direct effect on our self-esteem, confidence and how we interact with society. Having watched someone recently go through treatment for Cancer I realise how much I take for granted. I won’t go to the corner shop without mascara, but there are woman out there at the moment who have no eyelashes, and when they grow back in after chemotherapy, the elation is palpable.

For this month jane iredale has a limited edition Facial Spritz called Lemongrass Love in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Try it, buy it and love It! But, most importantly be part of it because these things end up being a lot closer to home than we think.

July 19, 2016

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Holiday Essentials

It’s that time of year when we all scatter around trying to convince ourselves that we don’t have to take the full contents of your bathroom with us on holiday and the thought of having to pack mini versions of everything leaves the best of us in a cold sweat!

Firstly, make no apology for being a well-groomed woman. On our last family holiday all the girls in our clan shrieked with laughter at the sight of my toiletry case. 2 days into a beach holiday, I had a constant stream of visitors into my bathroom and my most prized skincare items, tucked safely under the mattress.


Pill Boxes are a great way to transport all your supplements, and avoid the hassle of packing cumbersome bottles. If you have vitamins in blister packs simply take a few of them with you. What to pack is key here. The absolute musts are your Multi Vitamin, Ski Omega’s and Vitamin C

Skin Care

Don’t sacrifice your cleanser and toner for face wipes, not even for a beach holiday. The seduction of using something ‘quick and easy’ loses its appeal when you’re left with trying to get your breakouts back under control or your skin starts to look dull and sallow. Most good skincare houses offer travel sizes at certain times of the year when they come in handy. If not, bite the bullet and pack them securely in your luggage, believe me it’s a small price to pay for a youthful glow.

Serums can be simplified for your holiday, if you use a couple in your day to day regime, think about what your skin is going to rely on the most and pack that one. The most popular holiday add on tends to be Environ's Focus Hydrating Serum and/or Hydrating Oil Capsules. You can’t go wrong with either of these, both will replenish moisture lost during the day and provide a reprieve to sun damaged skins.

Moisturiser's will always fall into the essential category. One of the fabulous benefits to using Environ is not only that the vitamin therapy provided to skins to reverse free radical damage, but also the convenience of having one product which provides a dual service for day and night.

Summer Glow

You need to invest in a few tubes of SPF, and never leave the house or hotel without it. Make sure you apply it both thoroughly and liberally in the morning and then again on a 2-3 hourly basis if in direct light. RAD or Alpha Day Lotion both offer you a SPF of 15 giving you the fantastic benefit of adequate protection without high chemical levels that could ultimately irritate your skin.

There is an infinitely fine line between a beautiful summer glow and looking like a piece of well-worn leather. Bronzers and highlighters can be employed to give you a ‘rayless’ glow without compromising your skin health. A few tricks of the trade can also give your features a defined look to enhance the best parts of you. jane iredale Bronzers and Shimmers are a fun and versatile addition to your holiday must haves. The new look packaging is a robust and lightweight option to always look your best.

Nourishment is Key

There is never a better time to employ Environ's Body Oil into your daily routine. Apply Body Oil once or twice a day to maintain soft and supple skin. When applying make sure you include your feet to keep hard skin under control and run it through your hair to prevent dryness too!

June 02, 2016


Sun Safety

Some of you will be readying yourselves for summer holidays abroad whilst a few will remain and dance to the sun deity Apollo every morning in the hope that the English summer will arrive at all.

Either way, it’s the time of year when we stock up on anti-histamines, insect repellent and SUN PROTECTION!

I’m not going to bore you with statistics about skin cancer - Of all those diagnosed with melanoma in England and Wales, about 86 out of every 100 people will live for at least 5 years. I personally don’t like those odds, I’d prefer to enjoy a long life with family and loved ones.

Here are a few tricks of the trade to protect your skin against everything from premature ageing to skin cancer.

Prevention is better than cure, make it part of your routine


Never leave to go outdoors without sun protection, even on an overcast day you will still be affected by UV rays. If the sun does make an appearance you’re covered, quite literally.

Clients who use SPF all year round are our most loyal, simply because they can see the difference in skin tone, texture and elasticity. 

Sun protection can be elegant and fun


Mineral make-up ranges like jane iredale offer you a SPF of 25 in most foundations. You have an option to contour, highlight and bronze till your heart's content, creating your own version of a summer goddess whilst remaining protected at the same time.

Turbo Boost from the inside out


Supplementation with skin specific beauty food vitamins are a sure fire way of boosting your skins super hero functions to protect you. A combination of Vitamin A to heal cell DNA together with a plethora of anti-oxidants to negate free radical activity provides much needed protection from the inside out. Add Vitamin C to this and what you have is a power combination that will also work towards preventing pigmentation and maintaining an even skin tone.

The Science of Serums


Replenish your skin with the powerful restorative effects of Environ's Avance and Revival Masque. Avance is added to your daily moisturising ritual to hydrate and rejuvenate skin, and to reverse signs of damage. Revival Masque is an absolute must for anyone wanting to intensify their efforts in maintaining a youthful complexion. This face lift in a bottle provides marked improvements to a sun beaten skin by refining texture, smoothing lines and wrinkles, evening skin texture and ensuring a radiant glow!

May 20, 2016


Guest Blog: How Skin3 made it into a glamorous thriller... by Rebecca Chance

It was a last-minute stocking stuffer, bought by my husband as an extra Christmas present, a pampering treat in the nasty British winter. Ironically, I wasn’t that keen; I had stopped having facials a while ago, feeling that they had no lasting effect. But as soon as my facialist Amy started explaining the Skin3/Environ/jane iredale philosophy to me, I could tell that this was very different from the treatments I’d had before, which might have left me relaxed but made no difference to my skin issues at all.

I snuggled under the duvet – a duvet! So cosy! What a genius idea! – as Amy performed The Advanced Active Vitamin Facial using a serum containing vitamins A&C, to compliment my homecare Environ regime. Amy finished by covering my entire face, apart from my nostrils, with a thick mask and then running an electric current through it. Now that’s a sentence I genuinely never thought I would write! By the time she lifted the mask away, I knew I wanted to write about the experience for my latest novel.

And when I saw, the next day, how much better my skin looked and felt, I also knew that I wanted to embark on the entire skin regime myself. Together with my heroine, I would start the journey and chronicle it for the book, adding a second character who had been visiting Skin3 for years and raved about the benefits.

I’m a month in now, and my skin genuinely feels smoother and happier. Though frankly, even if it weren’t the jane iredale makeup would cover up anything! That stuff is frankly amazing… and dangerously addictive! 

Rebecca Chance

Rebecca's links
Website: http://www.rebeccachanceauthor.com/
Twitter: @MsRebeccaChance

Facebook: Rebecca.Chance.Books
Instagram: @msrebeccachance


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