Feed Fortify and Finish…. Why it works.

Yes it’s true, we do talk about this topic quite a lot. Our regular clients would probably agree that we tend to be quite evangelical about our treatment methods. The answer to this is quite simple, we work it, because it works!

Life is all about finding balance, being good to yourself and maintaining good energy. Your skin care regime is no different, in fact, our philosophy is built on a foundation of these principles and the result should be just that, A RESULT!


Use brands that complement each other. I’ve seen more skins going through identity crisis than I care to remember, because of the plethora of ingredients they are exposed too, it’s for this reason that our action plan for skin types and concerns is quite simple… Vitamins and minerals. It’s not quirky its’ just simple science.

When you choose something to wear, you will automatically reach for something that complements your shape and skin tone. Skin care works on exactly the same principle, when you choose your skin care you’re going to opt for treatments and ingredients that will complement your skin.

The Language of Skin Care

The feed, fortify and finish philosophy is designed to communicate with your skin on a molecular level. We therefore need to listen or look at what our skin is telling us. We know that treatments and ingredients that strip or compromise your skin are no good for you, purely because of the discomfort it causes. By feeding and fortifying your skin with a combination of the Vitamins and minerals provided by The Advanced Nutrition Programme and Environ, you treat concerns from the inside out without weakening its reserves. You are consciously choosing to improve metabolic processes and general overall skin health, while treating concerns, and providing the required nutrients needed to function. Choosing to finish your skin care with jane iredale’s mineral make-up gives your skin the protection it needs. The result? Your skin thanks you by glowing!

The Science Bit

This bit is what excites skin care practitioners, it’s the information most of you are quite happy to leave to us, and some would like to know in detail. The truth is this, your skin can not survive on the ingredients that we find appealing for aesthetic purposes. The smell and colour of a product is of no relevance to your skin, it would be the equivalent of you trying to drink your perfume. As living beings made up of millions of living cells, our systems rely on ingredients that can identify and utilise for nourishment. Molecules that are compatible to our skin cells, and sources of energy that improve metabolic processes will give your skin the vitality it requires!

Feed, fortify and finish, yes it is that simple.

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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