Damage Limitation.
Hello! Beauty Director interviews Dr Des Fernandes

It’s the time of year where my team and I begin to treat the signs and symptoms of post-holiday skin. Lines, wrinkles and then the biggest culprit, pigmentation tend to move to the top of the agenda. Dr Fernandes speaks frankly about these concerns in the latest edition of Hello. Have a look to see what we have in our arsenal to treat your skin. Call us to book your quarterly re-scan and update your treatment plan to optimise your results.

Lines, age spots and sagging - if your past tanning addiction has left you in need of a facial fix, can you ever repair the damage? We talk to a leading expert to find out.

Click here to read the discussion with Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skin Care.

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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