Detox? How’s that working for you….

Detox Month

It’s the 3rd week of January. No doubt your year started with the best of intentions, there will be  some of us though, who have already veered off the road and are now sitting in a bypass of self-deprecation and remorse.

Truth be told, I hate Detox month! Yes I’ve said it! I think it suggests that after a month of denial, headaches and in some cases hunger, your life will transformed into something that looks like a magazine cover….. Good luck with that.

I suggest that we all stop, take a deep breath and get back on track choosing a path with realistic goal posts. Let’s simply start by making better daily choices. Maybe even a handful that will provide a full year of overall satisfaction and longevity, instead of a quick fix which we know won’t get us where we’d like to be.

Feed your mind, body and soul.

Undertake a quick daily inventory at the end of the day. Do it in the shower, whilst cooking dinner or even whilst folding away laundry. We aren’t going to get everything right all the time, but what we can do is make a mental note of things we did during the day, decide that we did them well or make a decision to take a different approach to achieve a better outcome next time.

Lay a foundation for good general health this year with Vitamin A. It’s a must for good skin health but it also has a plethora of other benefits. Enhance your year with good immunity, healthy cell division and re-growth

Nourish your body with goodness. Moderation and positive manageable changes will make all the difference. If you are particularly stressed, supplement your diet with Omega 3, if your joints hurt during exercise take Glucosamine Plus and if you’re making positive changes to your diet take Glutamine to condition your gut.

Fortify your specific needs to ensure a positive outcome.

Have a look at your skin and body care routines. Declutter all the bottles and promises in jars that you actually know won’t do the trick. Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to use your body brush twice a day if your schedule doesn’t allow for it. Allow yourself freedom from self-imposed guilt about routines that don’t happen in other bathrooms at 5:30 in the morning because they just aren’t realistic! Decide what you’d like to achieve from your skin & body care routine this year and stick to it. Speak to your Skincare Therapist and put steps into place, she knows your skin and will help you achieve your goals. Most importantly remember that you’re a limited edition. Don’t compare yourself to others, you’ll be happier that way.

Finish with positive consciousness.

Leaping BunnyStart each day with a positive affirmation. Especially on the days when you’d really rather not, you’ll find that you may need it the most then. Enhance your best features with the kindest makeup. When choosing your skincare and makeup brands also make conscious decision to give back, don’t use anything that would be cruel to your skin or any other living being.

2017 isn’t just about getting it all right, it’s more than that. Work on getting it right for you. Celebrate your individuality, make better choices, make challenges realistic and stick to them. I think the best way to Detox is to live your truth, it’s a lifestyle not just a month. 

Good Luck.

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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