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Your body is a constant companion through life and it tells your story. This month we focus on being kind to our bodies, as a living organ your skin tells your bodies story. When we hear clients tell us that their skins are dry, irritated or that they suffer with constant break outs, invariably diet will become part of the dialog.

ProbioticsProbiotics help maintain skin’s health, clarity, resilience, and suppleness

Our bodies are essentially colonies, and as we are all too aware in this current climate, it’s essential for good relations between countries, departments and even people to have a positive outcome. Our colonies rely on a positive outcome based on the resources we give it, and what we give it will directly influence our minds, hormones, digestive health in a positive or negative way which works toward the appearance of our skin.

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Now here’s the curve ball, your colony requires a balance of bacteria to as an integral part of your skin health both inside and out. This won’t be an entirely new concept to our Skin3 Journey Adventurers. We’ve already established that we need an optimal pH balance on the skin, and that requires an acidic bacterium which works towards that homeostasis on a daily basis. All you’ll be doing is taking that concept to the next level by focusing on your gut as well in the form of Probiotics. 

The importance of consuming probiotic supplements and probiotic-rich fermented foods - like raw sauerkraut will help maintain a thriving gut microbiome, balance yeast and more efficiently digest food.

Strengthen your skin’s barrier

Probiotics help maintain skin’s health, clarity, resilience, and suppleness. Probiotics also help strengthen the skin’s barrier and offer protection from inflammation-causing allergens and environmental stressors.

Why is this relevant? 

Elevated levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) can increase skin’s oil production, often leading to breakouts. On the flip side, stress may also cause skin to become drier. Fortunately, oral probiotics can come to the rescue and boost skin’s defences. Even extreme dryness such as dermatitis may find relief from probiotic treatment.

For this month go forth and colonise your gut. If it’s happier, odds are you will be too.

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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