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"At the age of 15, I was like any other teenager, going to school, socialising with friends, the usual, with my looks being a big priority. The majority of my teenage years were tormented by one little detail; my skin. I was part of the teenage statistics for acne, and although roughly 90% of teenagers will suffer with acne at some stage, to me that statistic was 1%. That 1% was me. Of course I wasn’t the only one to suffer with acne breakouts, but in my small world, I was alone.

As I got older I went through times where the breakouts were worse than others, and was absolutely fed up of hearing from doctors, dermatologists, or anyone who wanted to offer their opinion on the condition of my skin. The endless list of medicated creams, antibiotics, contraceptive pills, home remedies, old wives’ tales, herbal potions, and hearsay cures that I encountered was unbelievable. At one point as a last resort I even considered Roaccutane, but judging from the side effects it wasn’t for me. I cried, I joked about it, and then I cried some more.

The volume of concealers and foundations I went through to feel as normal as possible would today break the bank, but that was all I could do. In my head, I thought it would never come to an end, until one day it did.

From the age of 18 to 22, I was acne and spot free. Four years of clear skin went by, and I thought to myself I will never have to deal with bad skin again.

Two words; Adult acne. I was 22, going on 23, and it all started to fall apart. The acne was back, and with a vengeance. In the space of six months my skin became unrecognisable. These breakouts weren’t just spots but cysts, they didn’t just sting, and they caused me enormous amounts of pain. Everything I experienced as a teenager became so familiar again, the feelings, the hiding, the concealing, the only plus side to its return, was that I was now an adult, and saw myself better equipped emotionally to deal with it.

Sarah Kelly I was so wrong. My lowest point dealing with acne happened when I was at the end of my tether. I had just moved to London, sat at bank tube station on the platform, heading home for the evening, with my acne the worst it’s ever been, when something in me would not let me step on to the tube when it arrived at the platform. I took a seat on the bench and watched tube after tube go by. I could not bring myself to get on a tube with all these bright lights, over crowded with people, and that feeling that somebody was staring at me. What were they thinking? Eventually I had no choice but face the crowds, the sooner I got on the train the sooner I was home in my own comforts. International Institute for anti-ageing completely changed everything. Had I found something that would cure my skin for good?

The thing that affected me the most apart from my confidence and mental state, was the fact that nobody was there for me. I had all these experts giving me products and advice, but not one of them stayed with me, coached me through, or supported me, simply because my skin wasn’t a priority to them, they didn’t have to deal with it day in, day out. That was all I needed. 

Since I started my Journey with Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ, and Jane Iredale, I have had someone by my side every step of the way. Monitoring my progress, and if there was a hiccup, to alter my products to enable me to achieve the results. If I was having a bad ‘skin day’ there was always someone on hand I could vent to, and each time the response I would get would be positive, it was all part of my journey.

Sarah KellyA, C & E Oil was the beginning step for me, until I was introduced to hydrating lotion and Skin Accumax. It wasn’t long before Skin Omegas and my weekly cool peel treatments were introduced. After one month, I was blown away, my skin had completely transformed into something I hadn’t seen in a long time. Two and a half months went by and every morning I looked in the mirror I noticed a difference, granted minute, but a long way from where I came from a few months previous. Until one day I noticed breakouts started appearing. I didn’t sweat it, my routine quickly shifted from Derma-Lac Lotion, and stepped up to AVST 5. A week later my skin calmed down and I was back on track. I am almost 4 months into my skincare journey, and it’s not just me that’s noticing the difference, my friends, my family, even clients who didn’t realise I had acne 4 months previous. The day I was able to touch my cheek without feeling any pain was a big day for me, it’s something you completely take for granted. I will never take it for granted again.

To say that my confidence has improved is an understatement, don’t get me wrong I still have my moments just like anybody else, but these ‘moments’ are becoming few and far between. I can now look in the mirror, and finally recognise the woman staring back at me. No more hiding."

Sarah’s Skin3 skincare journey included: 

Treatment Plan

Phase 1: A course of 6 Cool Peel Treatments£275
Usually priced at £55. When purchased as a course of 6 client benefits from a saving of £55

Phase 2: Follow up Active Vitamin Treatment £79

Home Care Plan

Phase 1: First 14 Weeks

Feed: Skin Accumax – 4 tablets per day
Fortify: Sebuwash used to cleanse skin twice a day
A,C & E Oil applied twice a day
Finish: Disappear Light
Glow Time BB6
Pure Pressed Warm Sienna

Phase 2: After 14 Weeks

Feed: Skin Accumax – 2 tablets per day
Probiotics – Taken twice a day
Fortify: Sebuwash – Used to cleanse twice per day
AVST 5 – 2 pumps applied twice per day
LACM Home Peel Kit - used as per therapist recommendation
Finish:Disappear Light
Glow Time BB6
Pure Pressed Warm Sienna

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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