The Shine Night Walk Marathon - In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness

This year I decided that I wanted to join the ranks of those brave souls who have trudged the roads of London by night in aid of something important.  When I told my team at Skin3 that I was undertaking the Shine Night Walk Marathon in aid of Breast Cancer I pretended not to notice the looks of horror and shock. I might have even heard grumblings about who was going to have to contend with my feet afterwards.

Nevertheless I was a determined woman on a mission. After 4 months of idyllic country walking and a climb up Mount Snowdon I felt ready to undertake 26 long miles. I packed my purpose, bought a mini rucksack with items that weren’t entirely unknown to me… I’ve always known that you can buy spray on plaster and that you need to carry Vaseline in case of chaffing!!!

At 4am we stopped for a bit to grab a tea, change socks and start the arduous task of plastering up blistered toes. 7 hours in, you can imagine, the conversation had somewhat reverted from bubbly banter to conversation stripped of all adjectives... I’d go as far to say we’d got to the bullet point phase of communique. In retrospect I am my mothers child, Layton-McCann women aren’t designed for extreme sport, and yes having completed the marathon I would describe it as just that... extreme. I pulled out my travel mirror and I swear I actually heard someone chuckle, let me tell you though the reflection in the mirror was in dire need of a ‘freshen up’! Out came my Pure Pressed Powder and my Spritz, my friend Clare laughed out loud but then happily berated me for not applying it with the right brush. And yes,  I applied my signature Soft Peach Lip Gloss for good measure as well. As they say go big or go home!

Even though I tend to be evangelical about our products, I know that powder and lip gloss weren’t the reason why I finished the Shine Walk. I’d put that down to comradery, improved fitness, sponsorship and wanting to contribute in some way. What I do know is how we care for ourselves, as women have a direct effect on our self-esteem, confidence and how we interact with society. Having watched someone recently go through treatment for Cancer I realise how much I take for granted. I won’t go to the corner shop without mascara, but there are woman out there at the moment who have no eyelashes, and when they grow back in after chemotherapy, the elation is palpable.

For this month jane iredale has a limited edition Facial Spritz called Lemongrass Love in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Try it, buy it and love It! But, most importantly be part of it because these things end up being a lot closer to home than we think.

Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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Anita Davey
Anita Davey

October 21, 2016

What an achievement …..Well done!!!

Keep up the good work and good luck with your future venture(s)

Anita D

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