EndyMed Glow


EndyMed Before and After 2

EndyMed Glow uses the latest radio frequency technology to provide effective, professional non-surgical skin treatments. This state-of-the-art facial provides a safe and effective treatment giving natural, long-lasting results in rejuvenation. By stimulating skin cells, you encourage new collagen production, causing your skin to tighten and lift!

Each treatment will last between 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the treatment performed. Best results are achieved with a course of 6 treatments. You can return for ‘top up’ treatments to maintain and enhance the results that you’ve already seen.


New Radio Frequency Treatment | 60 minutes | £130
A radio frequency intensive treatment, working on eye, cheek, jowl and neck areas. This treatment works towards lifting lax and sagging skin, contouring facial features and smoothing wrinkles. Call 020 7328 1291 For More Information Or To Book A Treatment.

EndyMed Glow Treatment

New Skin3 Rejuvenation Treatment | 90 minutes | £185
A tailored treatment combining the science of Endymed radio frequency and the power of Environ Skincare. This bespoke treatment compliments your skin with the best of what the anti-ageing industry has to offer treating your full face and décolletage. Call 020 7328 1291 For More Information Or To Book A Treatment.

Skin Rejuvination Treatment

New Add On Treatment 25 minutes | £50
This treatment offers an introduction to Endymed Glow technology. Choose between eyes, cheeks, jowl or neck to enhance the effects of your Environ Facial Treatment. Call 020 7328 1291 For More Information Or To Book A Treatment.


Call 020 7328 1291 For More Information Or To Book A Treatment