Almost every person in the world would have considered getting a facial at one point of another. A good facial treatment is the perfect way to make yourself look and feel much better. From relaxing, pampering skin-soothers to thorough and innovative technological treatments from Environ, the Skin3 Salon in NW6 has it all.

Whether you believe your skin is perfect, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained skin therapist. Making time for a facial every 4 weeks can help whip your complexion into shape. When you receive facials regularly, it’s like training your skin. Skin cells like routines, and they will respond well to that. Look fabulous with Skin3 - a quintessential Salon in South Hampstead.


1 hour | £85
Active forms of vitamins A & C and peptides are delivered to the lower layers of skin using soundwaves and pulses. The active vitamin treatment is suitable for all skin types and concerns delivering a bespoke treatment tailored to all individual skincare needs.

1 hour 30 minutes | £110
Intensify the rejuvenative effects of the active vitamin treatment with the addition of a mini peel. By enhancing penetration of active ingredients, effects are optimised boosting collagen and softening lines whilst adding radiance.

1 hour 30 minutes | £110
Stimulate your deepest collagen reserves, to visibly firm and smooth skin using the power of 3 anti-ageing peptides. This treatment formula offers the next step in the arena of age delay.

1 hour | £65
An excellent treatment for congested skin, fine lines, poor texture and rosacea. The strength of this peel can be varied depending on the treatment objective with no recovery time.

1 hour | £70
This unique combination of peptides are delivered to the lower levels of the skin using soundwaves to soften wrinkles and reduce muscle tension in the forehead, preventing the formation of new lines .

1 hour 30 minutes | £110
The perfect antidote to dry, lacklustre complexion, this intensive treatment uses hyaluronic acid to hydrate giving visible plump and firmer skin.

Face | £80 • Eyes | £50 • Jowl | £50
A non-surgical facelift technique using micro-current to lift and stimulate muscles of the face and neck.

1 hour | £30
This treatment offers an introduction to Endymed Glow technology (Radio Frequency. Choose between eyes, cheeks, jowl or neck to enhance the effects of your Environ Facial Treatment.

1 hour 30 minutes | £130
A medical grade treatment delivering controlled heat energy deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and growth factors. This procedure concentrates around the eye, cheek, jowl and neck areas delivering an aesthetic result by visibly reversing the signs of aging with prolonged results.

1 hour 45 minutes | £150
A treatment that harnesses the power of Environ to stimulate collagen and soften lines, with CACI non-surgical to firm and tone the muscles of the face and neck. An extended treatment to ensure all aspects of facial structure are treated.

1 hour 30 minutes | £110
A treatment to feed the senses. Enjoy the benefits of our vitamin boosting facial treatment with the addition of an aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage performed with aromatic essences chosen specifically for you.

1 hour | £95
A bespoke combination of CACI non-surgical stimulation treating the cheek and jowl area, together with Environ’s Collagen Power boosting benefits to firm and tighten the eye and forehead area.

2 hours | £185
A treatment combining the science of Endymed radio frequency and the power of Environ skin care. This medical grade non-surgical treatment offers the best the anti-ageing industry has to offer treating your full face and décolletage.

1 hour 30 minutes| £110
A deep cleansing treatment harnessing the power of Environ together with steam and extraction to remove congestion and brighten skin.

Luxury Facial Treatments Before/Afters

A picture speaks a thousand words. Whether you'll be in for Radio Frequency (skin tightening), Environ Cool Peel, Rosaces Skin Care Treatment, you can be guaranteed that Skin3 has the best treatments to deal with ageing skin.

See the results from our Skin3 Salon Facials and see for yourself just some of our happy clients.

"Excellent, dedicated, well trained staff who really want to help you to get amazing skin! They use industry leading products which work together from the outside and inside to give great results. Thank you." Jennifer Markham
One of our friendly Skin3 Salon therapists will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your enquiry
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About Skin3 Salon

Skin3 is a London based skincare facial salon that celebrates individuality. We are passionate about skin and just a little fussy. We love high quality, vitamin rich (Vitamin C & E skin treatments) skin solutions and innovative skin care technology. We apply a holistic, scientifically based approach.

Skin3 Salon is a stockist of Environ, a professional range of skin care products created by Dr Des Fernandes, one of the world's leading cosmetic surgeons. This range have been specifically formulated to provide visible results against numerous skin conditions and the ageing process, such as to repair damaged skin, increase collagen and elastin production.

Environ skincare products will complement the treatments and help you maintain a healthy, youthful beautiful skin for life. Start your new skin care regimen with Skin3 today. We're not just about treatments (although we know ours are the best). We're about results.