Spray Tan

Get up and Glow

At Skin3, we use Xen-Tan because of it's unique moisture-rich formula. Easy to apply, and with a gorgeous fresh fragrance, it goes on smoothly and fades evenly, for a flawless finish every time. Even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan, leaving you looking radiant and feeling amazing.

So how does it achieve such beautiful, golden results?

Thanks to a unique time-release ingredient, the formula includes higher levels of DHA (the active tanning ingredient) , so you can enjoy longer lasting, more natural, and beautifully even results that complement your skin tone. It fades evenly, so the colour doesn’t go patchy.

Award winning

Xen-Tan has received a stack of prestigious beauty awards, so you can be confident that it’s one of the best self tans on the market.

1st Appointment:  £33
Top Up Tan within 7 days:  £22

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