Focus Care™ Radiance+ Mela-Prep Lotion

Environ® products are only available following a consultation. Contact your Personal Shopper on 020 7328 1291 for more information and to purchase.

Environ is proud to launch the FocusCare™ Radiance+ Range, which uniquely targets the root causes of pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone to reveal a radiant complexion. 

Focus Care™ Radiance+ Mela-Prep Lotion helps to leave the skin looking brighter and more evenly toned. 60ml. This luxurious lotion contains an expertly formulated combination of highly specialised ingredients for a brighter, more even-toned complexion.

Remember to ask your Skin3 trained therapist to prescribe the best Environ skincare routine for your specific concerns, to ensure that you achieve the healthiest-looking skin possible.

Why use the new Environ Focus Care™ Radiance+ Range?

Environ is leading the fight against skin pigmentation with new Focus Care™ Radiance+ Range, which boasts powerhouse formulations containing intelligent ingredient combinations.

Environ’s revolutionary 3-step Mela-Smart System™ is comprised of 4 innovative

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