Guest Blog: How Skin3 made it into a glamorous thriller... by Rebecca Chance

May 20, 2016

It was a last-minute stocking stuffer, bought by my husband as an extra Christmas present, a pampering treat in the nasty British winter. Ironically, I wasn’t that keen; I had stopped having facials a while ago, feeling that they had no lasting effect. But as soon as my facialist Amy started explaining the Skin3/Environ/jane iredale philosophy to me, I could tell that this was very different from the treatments I’d had before, which might have left me relaxed but made no difference to my skin issues at all. I snuggled under the duvet – a duvet! So cosy! What a genius idea! – as Amy performed The Advanced Active Vitamin Facial using a serum containing vitamins A&C, to compliment my... Continue Reading →

The Bridal Beauty Plan

May 06, 2016

If you’re a bride to be, take a deep breath, have a seat, take out your diary and let’s get you ready for your big day with the perfect skincare and treatment plan! FEED: Ensure you're feeding your skin and body all the nutrients needed to clear skin, maintain glow and all over health allowing you to be at your best. SKIN COMPLETEProviding you with a comprehensive foundation of Vitamin A and a brigade of anti-oxidants, to achieve and optimise your skincare objectives. SKIN OMEGAS+Giving you the very best nourishment your skin requires to plump and hydrate. Omega’s also work on maintaining mood which is perfect for those stressful moments. PRO-VITALITY FORMULAPacked full of vitamins for hair skin and nails. This will also provide you with... Continue Reading →

Feed Fortify and Finish…. Why it works.

April 19, 2016

Yes it’s true, we do talk about this topic quite a lot. Our regular clients would probably agree that we tend to be quite evangelical about our treatment methods. The answer to this is quite simple, we work it, because it works! Life is all about finding balance, being good to yourself and maintaining good energy. Your skin care regime is no different, in fact, our philosophy is built on a foundation of these principles and the result should be just that, A RESULT! Synergy Use brands that complement each other. I’ve seen more skins going through identity crisis than I care to remember, because of the plethora of ingredients they are exposed too, it’s for this reason that our... Continue Reading →