Feed Fortify and Finish…. Why it works.

April 19, 2016

Yes it’s true, we do talk about this topic quite a lot. Our regular clients would probably agree that we tend to be quite evangelical about our treatment methods. The answer to this is quite simple, we work it, because it works! Life is all about finding balance, being good to yourself and maintaining good energy. Your skin care regime is no different, in fact, our philosophy is built on a foundation of these principles and the result should be just that, A RESULT! Synergy Use brands that complement each other. I’ve seen more skins going through identity crisis than I care to remember, because of the plethora of ingredients they are exposed too, it’s for this reason that our... Continue Reading →

Stress Awareness Month

April 06, 2016

This is one break up we’re all going to enjoy... Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. This noun, although well-defined can take on a different meaning depending on the individual. Stress could mean having to meet a deadline, (as I type these words at 100mph because graphics is waiting for the copy!) it could mean worrying about a friend going through a tough time or if you’ve made the right decision about something potentially life altering. The problem posed is that modern lifestyles have become so adept to stress that we don’t realise often until it’s too late. Instead of preventing or managing stress we are often left with dealing... Continue Reading →

Revive & Renew

April 04, 2016

Getting the glow back into our skin and bodies is a great way to get the spring back into our step. Aromatherapy Associates Natural Polishing Exfoliating Grains and Polishing Body Brush are exactly what we need to get going to get our bodies ready for summer.As days get lighter and longer and daffodils appear in parks and on countryside roads we are reminded that the promise of renewal is upon us and our bodies start a revival process as we shake off the last of the winter chill. Exfoliating your body will improve circulation giving your skin a healthy glow and help eliminate built up toxins and fluid retention. Follow these easy steps to get the very best results:   ... Continue Reading →