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Skin3 is at the leading-edge of the beauty industry. Our salon treatments focus on harnessing the skin’s natural powers of rejuvenation. The brands we carry reflect our three-fold approach to results orientated skincare.

"This is one of those rare finds in the skin world! Great friendly staff, your skin feels amazing when you walk out, and for someone with easily irritated skin, it's always amazing the facials don't leave me red and blotchy for days, like most other places. They have fantastic products both for skin and makeup... But they don't force them on you like lots of places do. Very highly recommend! Thank you!"

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Take a moment to live your moment

April 18, 2017

When our lovely Zoey who does our graphic design told me that April was Stress Awareness Month and that we should highlight it on our social media I can remember thinking… ‘brilliant… something else that needs doing’. It will come as no surprise that the result of that very negative thought created a negative connotation to something that if approached correctly would have provided me a moment to stop and just reflect, to check myself and then carry on knowing that the universe was simply sending me a message to choose, be present and to breathe. Throw a penny in any direction and you’ll find a Guru, a Life Coach or someone with a fancy title telling you to drink... Continue Reading →

#NOMOREHIDING – a story of confidence re-born - Sarah's Story

March 15, 2017

"At the age of 15, I was like any other teenager, going to school, socialising with friends, the usual, with my looks being a big priority. The majority of my teenage years were tormented by one little detail; my skin. I was part of the teenage statistics for acne, and although roughly 90% of teenagers will suffer with acne at some stage, to me that statistic was 1%. That 1% was me. Of course I wasn’t the only one to suffer with acne breakouts, but in my small world, I was alone.As I got older I went through times where the breakouts were worse than others, and was absolutely fed up of hearing from doctors, dermatologists, or anyone who wanted... Continue Reading →

Love from the inside out

March 14, 2017

Your body is a constant companion through life and it tells your story. This month we focus on being kind to our bodies, as a living organ your skin tells your bodies story. When we hear clients tell us that their skins are dry, irritated or that they suffer with constant break outs, invariably diet will become part of the dialog. Probiotics help maintain skin’s health, clarity, resilience, and suppleness Our bodies are essentially colonies, and as we are all too aware in this current climate, it’s essential for good relations between countries, departments and even people to have a positive outcome. Our colonies rely on a positive outcome based on the resources we give it, and what we give... Continue Reading →

Make-up tips from the expert

March 06, 2017

jane iredale Make-up expert Anushka shares hints and tips on how to create beautiful looks using the new Spring Colour Collection. Step 1 – Prep your skin with Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener and follow with GlowTime Full Coverage BB Cream to even out your complexion. Finish your base with a light dusting of our PurePressed Mineral Foundation and D20 Hydration Spray to complete your base for a flawless finish.Step 2 – Eyes, begin with Peach Silk EYE SHERE® LIQUID EYE SHADOW to prime the eyelids and enhance the pigment and longevity of your eyeshadow. Using our brand new PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple Pink Quartz, blending the darkest shade onto the inner and outer corner of the eyelid taking... Continue Reading →