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When our lovely Zoey who does our graphic design told me that April was Stress Awareness Month and that we should highlight it on our social media I can remember thinking… ‘brilliant… something else that needs doing’. It will come as no surprise that the result of that very negative thought created a negative connotation to something that if approached correctly would have provided me a moment to stop and just reflect, to check myself and then carry on knowing that the universe was simply sending me a message to choose, be present and to breathe.

Throw a penny in any direction and you’ll find a Guru, a Life Coach or someone with a fancy title telling you to drink a tea, meditate quietly for 20 minutes (good luck with that…) squeeze a specific point between your big and middle toe or dance by the light of the moon on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Let’s safely assume that if life came with a manual of simple steps for a stress free life the majority of the human race would be living a completely zen existence.

Life is about the small wins, the small moments that we choose to nurture and grow. This rollercoaster called life doesn’t come with a guarantee that it’s going to be easy, good or even fair. There is a guarantee however that if we approach situations with an open mind we will grow. I can remember watching a butterfly emerging from a cocoon as a child and being worried about her because it seemed such a struggle. Metamorphosis can be quite uncomfortable and stressful but crossing that threshold rewards us with moments of clarity and in some cases joy.

Don’t for a moment think this is an invitation to run towards all situations stressful! What I’m suggesting for the month of April is choose what your small wins are going to be. If something feels uncomfortable ask yourself if it presents an opportunity to grow. If it does, take a moment, breathe, trust in yourself and push through, if it doesn’t… get the hell out of there.

For the month of April pick your moments, live your moments, overcome and grow, and reward yourself. Fill your life with moments where you feed your senses, laugh out loud, have quality time, tell people that they matter, do something nice for someone without them even knowing about it. These are the moments that not only count but also dispel the effects of life’s stressors.

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Faye Layton-McCann
Faye Layton-McCann


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