A 100 day journey to healthier skin. A proven way to forget quick fixes and learn a longer term solution for the long game. We'll help you achieve sustainable, healthy skin you're proud of.


Phase 1:  Let's Get Started.

0-30 Days : Firstly, well done for getting here. The first step is always the hardest part of any new regime. Your therapist will start by doing an in-depth consultation to understand you, your skin and your lifestyle. Based on your skin concerns, she will reset your skincare regime. The aim is to start slow and build a personalised skin health programme, especially for you.


Phase 2: Looking Good. 

30-60 Days : At about day 30, you will be invited in to check progress. You'll start to see the changes in your skin as it responds to your tailor-made regime. Your therapist will talk through how your skin feels, and make any adjustments to your #100DayReset programme. 

Phase 3: Step It Up. 

60-100 Days: You're over half way there. You'll now be seeing the difference in your complexion. It's maintaining more moisture, you have an extra glow and your skin is plumper. Whatever your objectives were, you'll be seeing a positive change. Your therapist will look at how to step up your programme, discuss, adapt and help how ever needed. 
A final #100DayReset programme consultation will be done to review your skin and celebrate your progress. Your skin is reset. Now build on your work ad enjoy long term skin health. 

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Social Media Influencer Sophie Milner has documented her #100DayReset journey to a healthier skin.

About Sophie 

aka Fashion Slave - Sophie Milner is a fashion, lifestyle, and social commentary blogger. Like a lot of modern twenty-somethings, Sophie started a blog as an online personal style diary capturing Sophie’s style choices, but over the years has grown into a platform for real lifestyle, relationship, feminism, and social commentary articles all written in relatable, honest, frank, girl talk.
What drives Sophie’s love of fashion is the confidence it can give women, and at the heart of everything style related will be the notion of how clothing can transform you. In 2014, Fashion Slave was shortlisted to win Best New Fashion Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards. From the success of the blog, Sophie launched her YouTube channel in 2015 to give a better look into her life as a freelance journalist and blogger, featuring fashion, beauty and London-based lifestyle videos, and is now part of the Stylehaul Network.
Sophie has worked with brands such as Topshop, New Look, ASOS, Forever 21, Lacoste, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, to name but a small few.“


#100DayReset Challenge - Day 1

"... I'm working with the iiaa in the #100dayreset challenge and what it basically is, is starting off completely from day one and changing my skin care routine from what I currently have, which is take off my make-up, cleanse, stick some moisturiser on my face and hope for the best and it's not really good enough." Read more on Sophie's blog


#100DayReset Challenge - Day 30

"... I've been taking my Accumax supplements 4 of them every single day.. I kept at it and started to see a massive improvement... I've had people at work say to me, your skin looks really good at the minute, and I was like yes this is amazing this means it's working... I had another skin analysis at the Skin3 Salon... and I was completely blown away... But to see the actual results then and there and to see what's happening on the under layers of my skin that was really great... So fingers crossed it's going to go really well..." read more on Sophie's blog. 

#100DayReset Challenge - Day 60


"...the iiaa set me the challenge to totally reform my slobby beauty ways to get my skin in better health. By using their ANP supplements… the overall health of my skin looks like it's improving still. My complexion is clearer and pores all over are less congested…” read more on Sophie's blog. 

#100DayReset Challenge - Day 100


"... I was using the Accumax™ which are really good for problem skin… I’m so happy with the results again… my congestion has improved, my texture has improved… my breakouts are less severe if I get them… huge thank you."



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