Party Pack
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by: Advanced Nutrition Programme

Most of us are guilty of over-doing it during the party season! While there's nothing wrong with the occasional naughty treat, over-indulgence can deplete your nutrient levels. No one wants dull skin or lack of energy during the festivities so help is at hand.
The party pack has been designed to provide additional nutritional support at times of over-indulgence. It contains a two month supply, so it’s great value too – just 76p a day!

The Party Pack contains:
Skin Vit C - to support your immunity
Skin Vitality 1 - a broad spectrum multi-vitamin for bags of energy!*
Glutamine - an important amino acid, simply sprinkle on food or drinks

SAVE 12% compared to buying the products individually.

*Contains folic acid and iron for the reduction of fatigue

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