Skin Omegas+
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SPECIAL OFFER: Select Skin Omegas+ 180 and receive a complimentary Skin Vit C full size 60-capsule pack worth £30

This dynamic duo is perfect for keeping you looking and feeling great while on holiday. Skin Omegas+ moisturise skin from the inside out, while Skin Vit C safeguards skin health*

Benefiting from the addition of vitamin A, our Skin Omegas+ is the perfect companion to your skincare regime. It contains optimum levels of EPA (an important omega 3) along with GLA (an important omega 6) made from Evening Primrose Oil. Vitamin A is a key ingredient needed for skin health.

Skin Omegas+ is made with premium, clinically researched omega 3 from Epax, a world leading supplier known for its purity, quality and innovation. They hold a Friend of the Sea certificate, so you can be sure the omega 3 is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats and resources.

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